HD-QuickDescriptiveLinks module for Joomla 1.5



Display links with descriptions in a compact drop down module.

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What is this?

Parameters for Quick Descriptive LinksHD-Quick Descriptive Links allows you to display a list of up to thirty links with descriptions in a tidy compact module.


Do you have an Example?


What's the point?

It's a simple way to display an otherwise lengthy list of links in a tiny area of your site. These can be internal links to other pages on your site or external links to other sites. The descriptions can be brief three or four word descriptions or can be icons/images embedded using simple HTML.


What to do after installing?

Install the zip file via the administration install manager as per any other module. Once it has installed go to the module manager and select Quick Descriptive Links. Enable the module and allocate to any module position on the menu item(s) you require. Use the parameters to enter the link Title, URL (use the full http://www prefix for external links) and Description for each link. You must declare how many links you wish to enable (up to 30) and enter each link information from the top down (1 - 30).


How to use images for descriptions

The descriptions parameter can accept basic HTML so to include an image from the images/stories folder of your Joomla installation use the following code...


<img src='images/stories/image.jpg' border='0' />


Use single quotation marks (eg. ') in place of double quotation marks (eg. "), otherwise the javascript command will be broken.

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