HD-QuickIcons admin module for Joomla 2.5

Add your own Quick Icon links on the admin control panel with this customizable admin module.


Download for Joomla 2.5


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Quick Icon LinksWhat is this?

HD-QuickIcons is a modified version of Joomla's standard "Quick Icons" admin module (which is displayed on the main administrator control panel and is the first thing you see when you log in).



What's the point?

As useful as the current quick icon links module is, if you want to customize the links you have to amend the source code (which may be overwritten during an update). This module lets you easily change the layout, allowing you to display only the links you feel are necessary and relevant.


Hiding unnecessary icon links can also make the control panel seem less daunting for clients and reduces the risk of them wandering around in places where you don't want them.


Furthermore you are also able to provide more specific linking, so the Menu icon can now point to a specific menu (rather than to the menu manager as a whole) or the Template icon can point directly to a specific template (rather than to the template manager - which is still a further two clicks away from your current template page).



Configuration settingsWhat to do after installing?

Install the zip file via the administration install manager as per any other module. Once it has installed go to the module manager and change the view so that you can see the admin modules rather than the site modules, then select HD-QuickIcons. Enable the module and set it to the module-position "icon". Change "show Module Title" to "No" then change the parameters for each link.


By default it will display the five links that I personally find the most useful, but they can all be customized.


When you enter a URL it should always start with "index.php" (eg. The link to the "Article Manager" would be index.php?option=com_content ).


You should also unpublish the previous Quick Icons module as only one module can be fully viewed in the icon position at the same time.



How do I add my own icons?

All the icons listed in the module configuration are pulled from the default admin template (called "Bluestork"). The image files are located in the following folder...


administrator > templates > bluestork > images > header


To add your own icon simply upload the image to this folder. It will then be automatically added to the drop down list in the module configuration section.


The current icons are all 48px wide by 48px high and are in the PNG format.



What about the update icon links?

The two quick icons that notify you of new versions of Joomla / Extensions are seperate from the quick icons module.

If you want to remove these go to the plugin manager and disable the following plugins...


  • Quick Icon - Joomla! Update Notification
  • Quick Icon - Joomla! Extensions Updates Notification


Otherwise they will happily coexist with your own quick icons should you wish to keep them.


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