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Here are a few uncategorized bite-sized hints and hacks to help you manage your Joomla site.


winston jqueryA simple but very versatile jQuery hover effect using the HD-Anycode module. As demonstrated by the Right Honourable Sir Winston Churchill.

How to change the meta-generator tag to hide the fact that your website is a Joomla one.

update copyright yearAutomatically update your copyright date to avoid a mad panic in the new year.

CategoriesSometimes you may want to style articles depending on which category they belong to. Here's how to load a category specific CSS file...

The "loadposition" command is an incredibly useful way to apply modules to a specific position within an article.

Magic Quotes offJoomla 3 requires you to turn Magic Quotes "Off" in order to be installed. But how do you do that? And what are they anyway?

How to remove the article number from search engine friendly Joomla 2.5 sites.

Use the AnyCode module to add a smooth jQuery "fade-in" effect to your article.

Under the advanced parameters section of the HD-Custom CSS module is a "Browser Sniffer" function. But what does it do?

How to quickly and safely solve your Joomla bugs - even when you can't find the orginal source files.

Under the advanced parameters section of the HD-Anycode module is a "URL Sniffer" function. But what does it do?

How to add your own module position to any Joomla template.

Use jQuery to make two seperate auto-height columns exactly the same height.

Despite all your careful template coding sometimes a particular browser doesn't play safe with a particular extension. Conditional stylesheets can be a useful solution to load CSS for a particular version of IE but if you want HTML to be conditionally loaded you may run into problems with browsers other than IE.

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