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In all cases our extensions were developed to help solve a problem when building a Joomla site for clients. Some of them were developed to resolve a unique feature that is unlikely to be requested again, while others were re-used time after time and proved extremely useful as they sped up the building process. We include them here for free in the hope that it will help others.


While we will always try to offer support where possible we don't always have the time to do so.

Remember these extensions are free of charge, please don't be offended if you try to request support and do not get a reply.



HD-ChannelHop module for Joomla 1.6 & 1.7



Display different "channels" of content throughout your site using HTML5 local storage. Switch channels depending on user preference, day of the week or visitor count, and keep the channel settings stored from page to page (even after the browser has closed).



Download 1.5kb


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What is this?

HD-ChannelHop displays HTML content in a module position via "channels". Up to seven different channels can be contained within each module but only the selected channel is displayed. The channel settings are consistent throughout the site and saved via the browser so they can be returned to even after the browser has closed. This requires an HTML5 complient browser to work (this does not include IE6 or IE7), for older browsers only the default "channel one" content will be displayed.


What's the point?

It can be used for customizing the user experience; targeting advertising; language switchers and displaying alternate content to regular visitors.


For example, it can be set up so that a when a new user visits your site a "welcome" message is displayed and when they re-visit the site a "welcome back" message is displayed instead.


It can also be set up so that the user can choose what type of content interests them, tailoring the website to appeal to their specific interests.


How does it work?

A key is stored on the client side using HTML5's local storage. If the value of the key is "one" channel one is displayed, if the value is "two" channel two is dispayed, etc. The key/channel remains unchanged even if the browser is closed and can only be altered via the channel switcher module.

There are seven channels available but there is no limit to the amount of keys you can have.


What to do after installing?

Install the zip file via the administration install manager as per any other module. Once it has installed go to the module manager and select HD-ChannelHop. Enable the module, select the module position and then select the menu item(s) you wish it to appear on.


channel hop parametersIn the module parameters enter a module key title, this can be anything you want. If you require two or more modules to display content on the same channel then use the same key title for each module.


Next choose the module type. There are five types available...


Channel Display - This displays the content depending which channel has been selected. Channel one is selected by default.


Welcome Mat - This displays the content of channel one on the first page view then the contents of channel two on all subsequent re-visits.


Day by Day - This displays the content of channel one every Sunday, channel two every Monday, channel three every Tuesday etc, up until channel seven on Saturday.


Automatic Switcher - This switches the current channel to the channel specified under the Switcher Parameters tab . No HTML is rendered to the screen.


Manual Switcher - This displays HTML that presents links to select each of the seven channels. The HTML can be edited under the Switcher Settings parameters tab.


Finally, there are seven custom HTML tabs for each of the channels. Simply enter your HTML and it will be rendered to the screen once that channel has been selected. Please remember that if the browser does not support local storage then only the contents of channel one will be rendered to the screen.



Manual Switcher HTML

The manual switcher module tab simply renders the HTML to the screen.


Learning from viewer behaviour

You can use the same javascript link technique to really learn about your viewers interests.

Have a look at the wine example to see how one page learns from the viewers mouse movements to determine what content to display.


Red Wine - White Wine - Sparkling Wine


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