HD-AnyCode module for Joomla 3.5anycode


Insert any HTML, CSS or Javascript code into your Joomla website without fear of code stripping. Ideal for embedding Google Maps, Analytics tracker codes or PayPal buttons.





what is this? | why would I need this? | after installing | how do i insert code within an article?



What is this?

HD-AnyCode is a simple module that allows you to embed code (such as HTML, CSS or Javascript) into a module position without fear of the WYSIWYG editor stripping the code and rendering it useless.



Why would I need it?

For security purposes, Joomla's default WYSIWYG editor strips elements of code from your HTML when saving. This includes forms, javascript, and embeddable objects such as Flash. While this maybe useful for articles it is extremely frustrating if you want to embed specific code onto your web-pages.


For example, if you wish to embed a Google Map onto your site, simply copying and pasting the embeddable code into an article (or custom HTML module) will not work unless the default WYSIWYG editor is switched off beforehand. You are unlikely to want this switched off for long so you would then have to switch the editor back on after you have entered your code. This is an over-complicated process and if you (or a client) were to edit the page without switching off the editor first, your code (and your Google Map) would be broken.


HD-AnyCode offers a far simpler solution: Any code entered into this module will be rendered as is.



What to do after installing?

Install the zip file via the administration install manager as per any other module. Once it has installed go to the plugin manager and select HD-AnyCode. Enable the module, set the module position, allocate to a menu page, enter your code and click on apply.



How do I insert code within an article?

If you want the module to be included within an article rather than in a pre-defined module position you should use the loadposition command. Add this code to the relevant position in your article...


{loadposition x}


Substituting x with a module position name of your choice.


Then when you allocate your module position, rather than choosing left, right, user1 etc, enter x into the drop down selection box.

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