HD-Floaty Module for Joomla 4


Display a prominent floating button in a module position. Ideal for CTA's.


what is this? | what's the point? | what to do after installing? | where's the Joomla 3 version?


What is this?

HD-Floaty is a module that displays a button link in a floating position which remains at the same height from the top of the screen even if you scroll up and down.



What's the point?

Draw attention to a particular page by using this module to make the link prominent. Great for "Contact Us" or "Get a Quote" buttons.



FloatyWhat to do after installing?

Install the zip file via the administration install manager as per any other module. Once it has installed go to the module manager and select HD-Floaty. Enable the module, and select the module position.


Enter the full URL you are linking to, choose whether the link should open in the same page or a new page, select which image you wish to appear and enter the image description.


Additional HTML can be added to appear below the image.


The CSS of the element can also be easily changed using the CSS field.

eg. if you want the module to appear near the top left change the CSS to...


#hd-floaty {position:absolute; margin-top: 200px; margin-left: 25px; z-index: 100;}


Where is the Joomla 3 version?

This module works on both Joomla 3 and Jooma 4. However the older version can be downloaded here.

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