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Set target words (or snippets of HTML) to act as triggers for replacement output. Use it to remove unwanted back links from anywhere on your site... to add shorthand Javascript to articles... as a swear filter... as an automatic text to image swap... or as a quick fix to modify code without having to search for the source.




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What is this?

HD-Trigger is a plugin that enables you to set any word (or snippet of HTML) to act as a "trigger" to be replaced with any alternative HTML. It can have many useful purposes including removing unwanted elements from a web page or automatically replacing any instance of HTML code.



How does it work?

The plugin scans the rendered HTML of the website and each time a defined "trigger" is detected, it is replaced with the defined output. This is not restricted to article content and can overide any source code (including between the <head> tags).



What to do after installing?

Install the zip file via the administration install manager as per any other plugin Once it has installed go to the plugin manager and select Trigger. Enable the plugin and enter the "trigger" code and the "replacement" output code in the appropriate parameter fields. Up to 12 triggers are allowed in this plugin.



Do you have any Examples?

In the below example the word {logo} will be replaced with the image "logo.jpg" from the images folder.

text to image swap


In the below example entering {greeting} in an article will trigger Javascript code that outputs one of four random greetings.


In the below example an unwanted back link is removed.

remove unwanted backlinks


HD-Trigger is particularly useful if you want to modify unwanted existing code without having to search for the source code (or having to edit core code).

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