URL SnifferUnder the advanced parameters section of the HD-Anycode module is a "URL Sniffer" function. But what does it do?

Sometimes you don’t want to apply a module to a menu-item, you want to apply it to a specific URL. The URL sniffer is a setting that renders the module to a Joomla page depending on the URL rather than the menu-item. It is ideal for adding text, images or other HTML code to a single page that shares the same menu-item as various other pages (eg. Blog pages, Virtuemart product pages or other components).

This setting checks the URL of the page that it is applied to, and will only render your module if it includes the URL "element" that you have specified. Therefore many different instances of this module can be applied to the same menu-item, but only the ones that match the URL "element" will be displayed.

For example, with the following URL's...


...the element -story occurs on the 1st and 2nd URL; The element third occurs on the 3rd URL; and the element /blog/ occurs on all three URLs.


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