Joomla Training Guides


Learn to set up your own Joomla website with this series of short and concise training guides for the Joomla 3.5 Content Management System.


Hyde-Design have been building Joomla websites for nearly 10 years. We build all our templates from scratch and are keen to share our knowledge on the subject to give back to the Joomla community. We also provide custom designed templates if you need your beautiful photoshop designs converted into a working Joomla website; and we have a growing collection of custom made modules, plugins and components that can be downloaded free of charge to help ensure your site looks exactly as you want it. But if you prefer we build and maintain your Joomla website for you then contact us now for further details.


Joomla! is free open source software released under the GNU/GPL License and is available for download at




Creating a basic Joomla site | S.E.F. Joomla! | Building Templates | Speed Up Joomla!

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