The HD-Framework


Learn to code your own Joomla template, and expand on the basics taught in the "Three File Template" by downloading this lightweight framework for Joomla 3.


wireframes | html5 | collapsible module positions | template parameters | template overrides


The HD-Framework is a basic lightweight template that can be used as a starting point to create your own unique fast-loading Joomla! templates.


The main problem with using commercial templates for your Joomla! website is that they simply aren’t unique and maybe used by hundreds of other websites. Even if you heavily edit a template to look quite different from its original appearance the coding is likely to be quite heavy as commercial templates are geared towards providing options or features that you may not use, bogging you down with slow load speeds.


This guide will presume that you have already read the Three File Template guide, and it does not repeat anything that has already been covered there (including the basic XML, PHP and CSS files).



The New Bits

If you've followed the guide to the Three File Template then you'll see that the three essential files still remain in the HD-Framework. They've been expanded upon and a few other bits have been included too...

  • As well as the CSS folder, there are now folders for images, languages, html (overrides) and js (javascript).
  • Additionally the following files have been added: index.html, error.php, params.ini, favicon.ico and template_thumbnail.png.


The use of these files and folders were all mentioned and explained in the "Missing Bits" section of the previous guide. Any other differences between this and the previous framework will be highlighted throughout the guide...

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