The Three File Template


The smallest Joomla! template ever!

Download the Three File Template and PDF guide to learn the very basics in building your own Joomla templates from scratch!



The XML | The PHP | The CSS | Zipping it Up | All the Missing Bits


If you’ve ever unzipped a Joomla! template and had a look at the various image folders, CSS files, javascript files, font folders, languages folders, HTML overrides (not to mention the favicon, ini and template preview files) you may be surprised to know that most of these are unnecessary.

In fact, with just a few lines of code you can turn your basic HTML into a Joomla! templated website.

In this short guide we’ll create an extremely minimalist template, and we’re going to use only three files. The aim is to highlight the very basic essential elements required for a working Joomla! 3.5 template.

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