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Here are a few useful tools and links to help assist Search Engine Optimization.


robotsMeta Tag Analyzer

This tool generates a comprehensive report on the success of the meta tags you have used on a web-page. It also compares your meta keywords with the actual text content to check their relevance and warns if meta tags are too long or short.


Google Search Console

Make your site more Google friendly and keep track of the effectiveness of your keywords and your page rankings. Use the "Fetch & Render" tool to add new URLs to Google index.


Yahoo Sitebuilder

Make your site more Yahoo friendly and submit sitemaps and RSS feeds to the Yahoo search engine.



This social media analytics tool allows you to analyze usage in short messaging services (including Twitter). Companies have recently widened their focus on social media services as a way to generate revenue, gather leads, and drive visitor engagement to their web sites.


Facebook Linter

How your website appears on Facebook can make a huge impact to your reputation. If the wrong image or page description is used when sharing a link to your site then you could end up looking a tad unprofessional. Use the Facebook linter to view the microdata they currently rely on or use the "scrape again" feature to force an update.


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