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word of mouthWord of mouth can spread with a click of a button, spurring the online community to talk about you or your brand.

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter & Youtube are not just fun places to visit on your lunch break, they are now recognised as powerful media services in their own right and a proven method of generating revenue, gathering leads and driving visitor engagement to your web sites.

Facebook groups have been set up for nearly every target audience imaginable, so posting links back to your website within strategically chosen groups will strike at the heart of your target audience.

Networking is an integral element of sourcing new clients, the networking capabilities of Twitter enable you to build up valuable contact lists from around the globe in next to no time, furthering your reach with incredible speed.

Adding social news site links (such as delicious, digg, stumbleupon and reddit) to your blog or "latest news" page can spread brand awareness quicker and more effectively than print media... and for free.

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