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We put plenty of time into ensuring your website can be easily read and understood by search engines (such as Google, Yahoo & Bing), however gaining good search results relies heavily on having relevant content and we always stress how important it is to have good quality text to attract your visitors. Remember, search engines want to match visitor’s search criteria to the websites they think are relevant to them, so the only sure-fire way to get good results is to provide relevant content.


keywordsHere are a few tips to help you on your way…


Think from the perspective of your ideal visitor

What words would your ideal visitor use to find your website? Are these words actually included on your site? Are they included in the domain name, in the URL, page title, headings, sub-headings? We recommend choosing one keyword per page then basing your content “around” those keywords to ensure their prominence.


Search Engines are not spoon fed

In the early days of the World Wide Web, search engines relied on the keywords included in the meta-tags (hidden within the code) to help catalogue websites. This is no longer the case as they now try to determine the keywords themselves based on the content of your site. So hiding keywords into the programming code of your website alone will not get you recognised as only visible text is counted and included.


Be realistic with your keywords

The more keywords you include the less specific your search criteria will become. Choose them wisely and try to work out which keywords are more valuable than others. Remember, if you don’t think you would use certain words to find your site with a Search Engine then why would any one else?



Search engines calculate how many times certain words are repeated on a page and will work out the ratio of words to keywords. The first 100 words or so are the most relevant so try to include your most valued keywords at the start of the page. Be careful not to stuff your site with the same keywords too many times. Search engines can determine if there is an unhealthy amount of repetition and the page may be deemed irrelevant.

How many times is too many? If it reads well, it will do well.

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